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Each year I try to take a chunk of time away with my family, off-the-grid, as an imperfect balance to the 100+ days away that defines the rest f the year. This year, we’re going to be near my parents, who are getting too old to visit, and so who we don’t see enough. They live near Hilton Head, SC, so we got a house on the Island, sort of near the beach.

Last night I rented bikes for the month online from Hilton Head Bicycle Co. My parents had warned me about island prices, but ok, it’s vacation.

This morning, I got an email from the owner: “I don’t feel good about the rate that came up for you,” he or she wrote. So they preemptively lowered the price by 25%.

When I was growing up, my dad (who ran a steel fabricating firm) would always explain behavior like this with a phrase like, “it’s the right thing to do, and it’s good for business.” That always puzzled me because it couldn’t always be both, or else why would we need to call it “right” (as opposed to “wrong”). 

But it strikes me the ether that are the Nets could help the second part a bit, so more did the first bit. So here, Nets, please notice: there was plenty of whuffie earned here. 

(And BTW: please excuse the silence after July 17.)

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  • A. Fan

    Just visiting your site to see how to leave your foundation a chunk of whatever I leave behind when I hit the bit bucket. Your charming story reinforces my belief that you’ll put whatever it is to good use. Thanks for all the brilliant work you do. Hope you have a wonderful, whufficilious vacation.

  • http://naughtybaptist.com Bryan Fordham

    Great post, and enjoy your time on HHI. I go into my office there twice a week, so if you’re short on lunch/dinner recommendations, let me know. If you haven’t tried Ruan Thai or One Hot Mama’s, you really should.

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