• Stephen freer

    LL, hello, Lovin’ yer work. I see a list of bilderburg attendees, & the LL name
    is included. If that is indeed thou, please pray tell all of us fans,
    how it came to pass. We sure hope you, as truth-seeker of noble integrity,
    will return to inform us of what transpired there.

    This diabolical group of plutocrats, war criminals, intent on their nazi-style
    NWO, include Perle/wolfwitz etc. Rotten, evil company to be around, but
    we trust you won’t be corrupted! Keep the ” faith” , my brother in Truth!

  • Karin

    Just say you interviewed by Moyers. Interesing ideas.

    Two thoughts. First, we now know that Obama raised lying (campaign promises) to a high art in 2008, so why would you believe a congressperson who promised to support campaign finance reform?

    Second, have you hooked up with the organization of former Senator Feingold, who is working to achieve the same thing you are.

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  • jim walls

    Just heard about your “money bomb”. Can it be expanded to appeal to a “grass-roots” effort.
    Is there a mechanism to accept donations online? Do you have a “think-tank” to implement the Super-Pac idea?

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    Could be real why not?