December 31, 2012  ·  Lessig

When my third kid was born, went into hibernation. The new stuff at home plus the burden of battling spamalots online made it impossible to continue.

But after kind prodding and lots of very kind help, wakes from its slumber. I am endlessly grateful to Joseph Mornin, who has architected the revival, successfully porting the old into a more manageable platform.

For now, this place will gather stuff published elsewhere first. I will continue to feed my Tumblr blog, because I am still intrigued to understand that community. Posts on HuffingtonPost get automatically ported over. We need to tinker a bit to get the Atlantic stuff carried over.

But meanwhile, welcome back. And if you’re so excited you just can’t stand it, then feel free to give generously to the two entities I care most about: Rootstrikers and Creative Commons.


December 7, 2012  ·  Lessig  · Reblogged from  Tumblr

I’m an eager “author” at The Atlantic, happy to blog whenever I can about the issues that matter most to me. But The Atlantic is a proper publication, which means it exercises editorial control, which always means AT LEAST that they get to pick the title.

I’m 99% of the time fine with that, but sometimes, the title creates an impression different from what I mean. And so it the case with the latest “Why a Democratic Tea Party Is the Best Hope for Fixing Corrupt Government.”

To someone who just read the title, you might think the piece was an argument for a partisan-based movement in favor of reform. And if you have read what I’ve written before, you would be surprised by that (as I work INCREDIBLY HARD to push the idea of a cross-partisan movement for reform). 

But if you read the whole piece, you’ll see that the title gets drawn from this paragraph:

Democrats have a real chance here. While no one doubts that the corruption of this current system is symmetrical — Democrats are just as dependent as Republicans on funding from the tiniest slice of the 1 percent — the reform movement is not symmetrical. The GOP has become the anti-reform party (unless by “reform” you mean increasing the corruption of a system in which the tiniest slice of the 1 percent fund America’s campaigns). Only Democrats are talking about ideas that might actually end that corruption.

It is time for Democrats finally to steal a move from the Republican’s playbook: Boldness inspires. If there’s going to be a Tea Party for Reform, Democrats must start talking about ideas that give people a real reason to get excited.

This isn’t, and wasn’t meant to be, a suggestion that the reform movement should be Democratic. It shouldn’t. The point instead is simply that only the Democrats have begun to take up this corruption — a corruption, again, that afflicts both sides. 

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