February 16, 2012  ·  Lessig

UPDATE #2: (Wonderfully) Byliner has decided to remove DRM from the book. If you get it after tomorrow, it should be DRM free. 

UPDATE: A print on demand version of the book will be available Monday. Thanks to Byliner for working quickly with Blurb to make this happen.

My book, One Way Forward: The Outsiders Guide to Fixing the Republic, was published Tuesday by Byliner. The book is an ebook. I had expected it would have a print-on-demand alternative. That was a pretty important expectation for me, for reasons anyone who knows me must recognize, but so far, a Print-on-Demand option has not been enabled. 

I’m trying to fix this (long before the work becomes CC licensed (August 15)). Meanwhile, here’s something that some might have missed: 

If you buy the book from Amazon, you can download a free (as in beer, not speech) Kindle Reader. You don’t need a Kindle, in other words, to read it. So you can read it on your computer, your phone, your iPad, your Android, and if as you do, the system remembers (and syncs) how far you’ve gotten. With the Amazon system, you can also highlight sections, and the highlighted section is then sent to the web, so all your notes are in one place. Not quite a physical book, I realize, but something to bring the gap till we find a POD alternative. 

Apologies to everyone this has hassled. Stay tuned for more on the saga of the POD version.