• http://justindz.blogspot.com Justin D-Z

    So, I made a little hobbyist poetry writing/revising app. It lets you assign a CC license to each poem and, if the license permits, lets another user one-click remix the poem and do their own derivative. The upshot of this is that the license type can vary per piece of content each user produces. Looks like Fairshare assumes that the whole feed of content uses the same license. Is that a bit limiting? Maybe it’s really designed for single-author blogs or something.

  • http://beth.typepad.com Beth Kanter

    I’ve been testing it. The most interesting thing is seeing how the share economy works

  • http://beta.fairshare.cc Rich Pearson

    Justin – that’s good feedback. Right now, you would have to create individual feeds for each license – you can add up to 5. We’ve had a couple people ask for a better solution. We’ll keep listening and come up with a solution that’s easier.

  • http://roguemedic.blogspot.com/ Rogue Medic

    For Justin’s comment, what about having a base level of license that applies to everything on the site, Add the ability to tag some material with a higher license that applies to the specific page. I don’t know if this is practical, but it is a thought.