December 3, 2008  ·  Lessig

The toughest gig when releasing a book is bookstore events. At least when you’re no one, no one is ever there. So if ANYONE here is near the Barnes & Noble in Hillsdale (here’s a map) Thursday at 7pm, can you please please please come? Or send your Mom? Or younger brother? Or younger brother’s math class?

And if you can’t do that, but have read the book, then can you at least write a review of the book at Amazon? Two people have written. One decent enough (though he didn’t like the book). The second who gave the book one star because he didn’t like me on Charlie Rose (I kid you not.)

  • Brandon Billups

    Threw a quick review your way. Figured it was the least I could do since I rushed out to buy this the day it was released. Wish I was closer to the Barnes & Noble. Any chance of the book tour nearing Florida?

  • Brian Fitz

    I think it would be hilarious if someone photocopied the entire book and gave copies of it away for free at this appearance.

  • Mike Liveright

    I assume this is tomorrow, Dec 4-th

  • lessig

    @mike: yes, today, the 4th.

  • Matt Bouyack

    Oh, terrible timing! I’m just 5 miles away and any other night of the week I would definitely be there but tonight I can’t make it. Good luck though.

  • Troy Gardner

    Apparently your fan does like remixing book reviews and Charlie Rose reviews ;)

    Are you doing any readings down in Los Angeles?

  • Just dis guy, ya know?

    Prof. Lessig very graciously signed the PDF printout of Free Culture I brought along. (Very cool, thanks!)

    I’m off to tell others about his work and his books. And thus, the audience grows…

  • marc

    Hi, I’m up to page 95 in “Remix.” I just don’t see how Charles Dickens repurposing his own work in newspapers and in book format is an example of the remix aesthetic. It seems to me, that remix is principly about taking the work of others and co-opting it into your own work as long as a the previous person is acknowledged. Please correct me if I have it wrong.

  • Adina Levin

    Drat, I got the email in a mailing list digest that came after midnight tonight.

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