• http://xmlhacker.com/ M. David Peterson

    Of course I can’t help but agree with the Guardians comments.

    In particular, an interesting phrase to round things out:

    >> “but if – as is possible – Prof Lessig ends up in government then he will have less need to rely on persuasion.”

    Time to reinstate “the Draft”, Professor Lessig? ;-)

  • http://xmlhacker.com/ M. David Peterson

    Uh, oh… Before anybody reads my last comment and reads anything into it:

    I was kidding! Don’t read anything into it. Was just making reference to the “Draft Lessig” movement from 7 or so months back, and was completely tongue in cheek.

  • HH

    Here’s hoping that Prof. Lessig becomes the first Secretary of Sanity, when Obama names his cabinet.