• http://sethf.com/infothought/blog/ Seth Finkelstein

    Obviously, he (McCain) learned what works :-(.

    I suspect a few weeks ago, someone asked him “Do you want to be an honorable certain election loser, or to have a chance of being President?”

  • http://www.socialsecuritybullshit.com Steve Baba

    Even the unreliable DailyKos has this marked as a PRESUMED call from McCain and in the “transcript” (from memory?) has the caller denying association with any campaign. Odd how Lessig can make this mistake of omitting details days after he railed against IP “extremists” making the same mistake. I guess extremists all make the same mistakes.

  • Rick

    I’ll be happy to jump Lessig with you on some other issue but I’m having trouble with this one. The points you mentioned were, as you said, plainly stated in the linked page. What? Lessig should assume we can’t read? Where’s the “mistake”?