September 26, 2008  ·  Lessig

From the CC blog:

The Websters’ Dictionary: How to Use the Web to Transform the World is a newly released book on “how to create communities of thousands [...] and channel their energy to effect political, social and cultural transformation.” Written by tech-advocate and political theorist Ralph Benko, The Websters’ Dictionary aims to educate on the web’s potential to motivate groups and enact change on broader issues, all while keeping in mind the complexities inherent in organizing movements online.

While the book is aimed at those with mid-level web experience, The Websters’ Dictionary has salient points that should resonate across technical prowess and familiarity. The Websters’ Dictionary is available for free PDF download – after taking the “Websters’ Oath” – and is being released under a CC BY-NC license, meaning that it can be reused in any number of ways, as long as future works credit Ralph Benko and are noncommercial in intent. Hardcover and paperbacks versions of the book should be available in October.

  • Peter Rock

    Sounds interesting and somewhat similar to Shirky’s “Here Comes Everybody”. But unlike HCE, the licensing actually allows teachers to use it in their classroom. I’ll definitely check it out.

  • Ian

    Free! Tthats a great deal. Will check out the book.

  • Kay

    seems to pose a trademark issue

  • Steve Baba

    Kay: The original Webster died sometime in the 1800s before famous names were trademarked. One can find cheap dictionaries in dollar stores claiming to be “Webster’s.”

  • Kay

    @Steve Baba. That’s fascinating. Apparently there is only a trademark on “Merriam-Webster” but not just Webster.

  • Ralph Benko

    remix culture and The Websters’ Dictionary….

    go miltownkid!

    – The Webster

    PS, yes free.

    More than free, cc by-nc. Meaning: you can take it and improve on it.

    Or even make it worse.

    (Thank Lessig.)

    If you come by to pick up a copy, hope you do, you’re invited to stop off at the Webster’s Bar & Grill (tab in the nav bar) afterwards, sign in, pull up a chair, start a conversation!

  • goldenrail

    Dear Mr. Lessig,
    I see you will be one of the speakers at Free Culture Conference 2008. My co-contributer for the Ip’s What’s Up blog is planning to attend. Please do a very good job so that he comes away convinced we should leave our blog on it’s cc by-nc-sa license.
    Thank you very much.

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