August 4, 2008  ·  Lessig


Just returning from the iCommons Summit in Sapporo, Japan. The Free Beer project made a showing, with a locally brewed version. But this ad caught my eye: “Free Beer” for “500 yen.”

We’re now at the stage where (at least some) the RMS conception of “free” is clear enough so that even “free beer” is “free as in free speech” such that a price running with the free beer seems (again, to a select set no doubt) perfectly natural.

  • Crosbie Fitch

    Unfortunately, lawyers still seem to have incredible difficulty with the idea that free speech should include intellectual works – as if somehow source code was a proscribed munition subject to federal regulation.


  • Peter

    “Stage”? Does this mean people will stop saying “open source” soon? :)

    I got to try some free beer last summer in Copenhagen. It did well to mask the offensive taste of alcohol.

  • Zippy

    Ooh, I want to work on the next project!

    I’ll be a tester! :)

  • Paul Charles Leddy
    now i am confused


  • Nobuo Ikeda

    When I talked with RMS in Japan, he recommended Japanese word “jiyuu” in Japanese that isn’t ambiguous as “free”. See my entry