March 16, 2008  ·  Lessig

Over the years, I’ve sometimes come to this place to ask for tech help. I’m here again. I’ve had some fantastic support from wildly overworked sorts — M. David most recently and most extensively. But I’m now in some desperate need for someone or some few who could commit some cycles to development. I’m keen to clean up the mess that is the content on my site — making my presentations more easily available, providing free format versions of everything I can, etc. That means the right sort would have experience with codecs and some design, and a taste for building systems that scale easily.

I can put together a small budget to support some of this, but not a ton. If you can help, drop a note here with your experience and a clear indication of the level of support you could offer.

March 16, 2008  ·  Lessig


A favorite ccKorea photo, by ph1337 at Flickr

Creative Commons License

Just returning (actually, late for the plane) from ccKorea’s “1st International Conference.” The trip was an extraordinary rush of the happiest and saddest thoughts.

Happiest: to see how this local organization has grown. This conference was 100% locally funded and organized. There were hundreds who showed up to listen to talks about local CC artists, and talk about CC in education and in business. The key organizing of the event came from an army of CC volunteers — ranging from high schoolers to professors in local universities. And the organization has been led and inspired by key members of the Korean bar, as well as a Korean judge. Korea is the perfect example of how CC can flourish on its own internationally. And it is rare that I get so inspired that I agree to go embarrass myself at karaoke, but that’s in fact what the ccKorea team did (and no, there are no recordings).

Saddest: It finally hit me last night as Karaoke was winding down that I was in fact moving on from all this. I’ve spent much of the last 5 years flinging myself to over 40 countries to celebrate the launch of CC locally, and to other CC International events. My new work will mean I can’t do this as much. My new focus is right for me, and for CC. But not having the chance to watch this kid grow as closely as I have so far is a big and sad loss.

Thank you, ccKorea, for making this sad recognition as happy as it could be. (And thank you for sparing the world a recording of the karaoke).

March 14, 2008  ·  Lessig

You’ll recall I wrote about Bill Foster just after I decided not to run for Congress. He won his special election, and is now serving in Congress. He is a real geek (as opposed to what I would have been/am — a geek wanna-be), and he’s already doing amazingly great work. No doubt the GOP will work hard to unseat him in the fall, so whatever support you can give, please do. He’s the kind of CHANGE Congress needs.

Read about his first days here.

(Thanks, Richard!)