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    Congratulazioni !

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    Congratulations! May the sleep gods be kind to your family…

  • Michelle Thorne

    Another Jan 15 baby among Greats: Martin Luther King, Jr., myself, and your son! :)


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    great birth announcement. congratulations all around.

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    big congratulations! he’ll be an amazing baby :)

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    Congratulations! Many blessings on you and your family.

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    Mazel tov!

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    You’re a braver man than I–congratulations!

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    wonderful news. big smiles.

    congratulations from all three of us to all four of you.

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    All the best to the happy family!

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    ya pozdravlialiu! As the Russians say. Congrats amazed one!

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    Yes, congratulations!

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    Congrats Larry

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    Congratulations Larry! The most beautiful event in life.

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    Gratulationen aus der Schweiz / Congratulations from Switzerland
    All the best!

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    congrats =)

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    Congrats Larry!

    When I wrote mail to you yesterday, I didn’t know that…

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    Congrats from all of the BayLegal crew, who knew to be amazing by mother Bettina even before this latest marvelous labor! Hope eveyone is well and stays that way.

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    congratulations from Italy