• Janet Hawtin

    Welcome back =)

  • http://lemi4.wordpress.com Lemi4 aka. fERDI:)

    I second that welcome back.

    But on an off-topic note (sorry), how about putting a link to the Anti-Lessig Reader up above; or a link to your wiki? The exposure could liven up this site; and put a space where the Three Blind Mice, Poptones, Peter Rock, Mr. Joseph Pietro Rievolo et. al. can gather their thoughts for all to see ;)

  • http://www.wordimperfect.blogspot.com Sharon Holt

    I hope you will have the answer to my question. I am an author in New Zealand. I have started a blog and am thinking about the possibility of having this published as a book in due course. My blog is largely made up of comments from others, due to the nature of it being a word game. My question relates to copyright. If I’m to publish this as a book in the future, do I have the copyright to comments from other people since they’re added to my blog? Or do the commenters themselves retain copyright of what they put on my blog? If so, do I include a simple legal blurb such as the one I saw yesterday on Postsecret.com’s site letting people know that what they send may be used royalty free for a book? Thanks for your help. I appreciate it. Sharon Holt

  • lessig

    Sharon: email me.
    Lemi4: Stay tuned. Major redesign on the way, with lots of prominence for my very able critics.

  • Janet Hawtin
  • Janet Hawtin

    sorry for the duplicate and feel free to remove both
    just thought i should forward it.