September 20, 2006  ·  Lessig

Like just about everybody, I’m a big Wikipedia fan. (Indeed, Code v2 is dedicated to the project.) And so I was extremely happy to read that Aaron Swartz is running for the board. Aaron was one of the early architects of CC. But his talent is much more than technical. He is a brilliantly independent and clear thinker; takes bullshit from no one; and has a deep and reflective view about all things Net. I’m sure this is true of more than one person, but he would make an outstanding addition to the board.

  • Jason Begalke

    I agree, Wikipedia is a great resource. CC is also a great concept, I just wonder if it will be supported and recognized worldwide.

  • Brad Henry

    I think CC will be supported and think it’s a non-issue. On the otherhand, the Wikipedia is becoming a spam haven and it’s getting hard to keep it an open contributor development application and keep out all the junk at the same time.