July 1, 2006  ·  Lessig

At an event here in Aspen, asked about global warming, something very close to: “I’ve been a supporter of the President … but this administration has betrayed the tradition of Theodore Roosevelt.” Indeed.

Strong, clear, passionate, and able to say things people don’t want to hear.

  • Matt Stoller

    Which is why McCain supports a war that costs 400,000 in barrels of oil burned by the American military in Iraq every single day. Come on.

    Acknowledging global warming to elite opinion without decrying the Iraq war is the opposite of being willing to speak hard truth. And attacking an administration with an approval rating in the 30s… how is that speaking the hard truth?

  • http://www.cincomsmalltalk.com/blog/blogView James Robertson

    McCain deserves no kudos after pushing for the anti-free speech McCain-Feingold law. For that alone, he’s a waste of oxygen

  • http://bonobo-conspiracy.ca/ Matthew Skala

    There’s a lot I like about John McCain, but (even if I were in the USA) I don’t think I could ever support him because he introduced and supported CIPA, the law that now requires US libraries to filter their Internet connections.

  • rodander

    “Strong, clear, passionate, and able to say things people don�t want to hear.”

    And able to say such things regardless of whether they are true.

    Truth to John McCain is anything that benefits John McCain.

  • ACS

    To Matt Stoller

    The statement that the bush government has betrayed the T Roosevelt tradition is obviously a reference to the national parks and environmental movement he support.

    But I note that TR also said “The flag of the United States stands for liberty and wherever that flag flies tyranny shall not return.”

    It seems to me that conflict in Iraq would be exactly what Roosevelt would want. So McCain is wrong. Ironically, when Republicans talk about the environment they are invariably same.

  • pelo

    Umm, the US flag was not flying in iraq to begin with, ACS. But i guess if you’re into killing innocent people in the name of capitalism and greed that makes you a picture-perfect-american-flag-waver! US citizens can’t count on their media or government to tell them the truth, and now we expect them to be respectful and give thought to the environment? Come on, now…

  • cooper

    At an event here in Aspen, asked about global warming, something very close to: �I�ve been a supporter of the President � but this administration has betrayed the tradition of Theodore Roosevelt.� Indeed.

    Strong, clear, passionate, and able to say things people don�t want to hear.

    Yeah, criticizing a wildly unpopular president on the issue everyone — including his evangelical base — is a really out there and dangerous move.

    McCain jumped the shark when he started kissing Jerry Falwell’s ring. He is just another smarmy politician trying to maintain the appearance of independence.

  • http://poptones.f2o.org poptones

    I have to agree there. I used to be a “fan” but his overt social conservatism puts me off like the stink of a 3 day corpse… which isn’t to say I am any greater a fan (or fan at all) of that other, allegedly competitive, social conservative senator from NY…

    Oh Liberty, we hardly knew ye…

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  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100003407328949 Nihar

    I really cant say much about eiethr candidate!Bummer. I really have no clue who I am voting for as both have more negative than postives in my book.Not going to be an easy decision!Havent posted on here in a while. Hope you guys are well!

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