November 6, 2005  ·  Lessig

I’ve gotten a bunch of emails recently from people asking whether the NJ Supreme Court has ruled in the Boychoir case. (See Living with Ghosts). The matter has now returned to the blogosphere in an extensive piece by a sympathetic writer.

The answer is no. Though we argued the case almost a year ago (11/29), there’s no word from the Court. I am very surprised at the delay — indeed, a bit worried the delay is in part because of the New York Magazine article. I feel so stupid that I didn’t get a commitment from them not to publish the article before the case was decided. When they told me when they expected it would run, it was months beyond the normal time it take the NJ Supreme Court to decide cases. Anyway, bottom line — no word yet.

  • gerd

    Hi Lawrence,

    I just listened to your OSCOn05 talk via podcast.

    You talk like a loser. ‘war’, oh well. Don’t get poisoned by lack of success.

    Would be useful for you to learn how we did it in Europe. I guess that style might be exported to the US as well. You answers suggest that you misinterpret the European approach.

  • Paul Gowder

    Reading that blogger’s piece… she says the state assembly’s still sitting on the legislation to strip the immunity. Could the court be waiting for that to resolve? I suppose there’s little use in speculation. Is there anything happening on the legislative fight?