• http://www.asheesh.org/ Asheesh Laroia

    Dr. Lessig gave the wrong donation URL for Public Knowledge. This is the right one.

  • lessig

    Corrected. And btw: not a Dr., just a lawyer.

  • http://darkauthority.blogspot.com Adrian Lopez

    Awesome! It makes me very happy to hear this. Congrats!

  • http://www.elitism.info/journal David

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but afaik the decision was due to matters of form (FCC lacks authority to regulate to the extent it tried to). But, although this is a good thing(tm) for the short term, it would be simple enough to 1) confer such authority from the legislative level or 2) do the same thing by law. Don’t you think this is the most likely outcome?

  • lessig

    that’s exactly where the battle will — and ought to — shift.

  • http://authority.blogspot.com Adrian Lopez

    It would be a shame if congress granted the FCC such authority. As far as I’m concerned the FCC’s attempt to force the broadcast flag upon consumers constitutes an attempt to regulate copying, a form of authority that properly belongs to congress and not to the FCC. Certain regulatory powers should remain in congress and not be delegated. The FCC’s authority should be narrow and should serve the public rather than broadcasters and copyright holders.

    I suspect copyright holders will lobby congress to impose such restrictions by law, and I fear that a challenge against such legislation would not succeed (consider what’s happened — or not happened — to the DMCA). I hope I’m wrong, but I don’t have much faith in the courts anymore.

  • http://www.commonsmusic.com Commons Music

    Speaking of shifting the battle to the legislature, Commons Music is doing that as we speak: