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    I hope they left in the Philip Morris ads!

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    This was probably too recent to make the book, but maybe next version: Remitting Disaster: Let disaster survivors get back to work�in the USA

    This wasn’t from Reason, but they and the Ayn Rand institute would seem to have a few things in common: The Ayn Rand Institute: U.S. Should Not Help Tsunami Victims. That link is to an excerpt stored at FreeRepublic because the original A.R.I. article seems to have mysteriously disappeared. However, there is a Clarification of ARI’s Position on Government Help to Tsunami Victims.

    Satire or just libertarian ideology, you decide.

  • Fred

    I wasn’t going to comment, but only seeing reaction from two crackpots, I figured I’d respond. What’s great about this collection is Reason is the least predictable of any major political magazine, and the varied essays actually have interesting, even surprising ideas, which is more than I can say for most major political magazines these days.

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    Just to defend Larry against any misguided accusations of hypocrisy for suggesting anybody pay for intellectual property in book form, here’s Reason’s free link to the article Larry recommended in particular, Copy Catfight


  • oliver

    “I wasn’t going to comment, but only seeing reaction from two crackpots, I figured I’d respond. What’s great about this collection is Reason is the least predictable of any major political magazine…”

    I’ve only read a few articles from Reason, but the impression I had already independently formed jibes with the alleged crackpots. I had even indepently made a free association with the ARI, because “Reason” made me think of Rand’s “objectivism” and emphasis on rational over emotional thinking.

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    Reason has some really good articles. At least from what I�ve read from the online version. Surely, any libertarian magazine or website has it share of content that one would find objections to. Lew Rockwell has a few “Free Saddam” articles, but I�m not letting that get in the way of some cool Mises economic insights. (unnecessary note: this is an example, I�m aware lrc.com is very different from both reason and Ayn Rand).

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    There are other provocative and interesting essays that seem to have not made it to the best.

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    And still other things are just two cents I suddenly had on the subject, in case anybody wants to visit my poor unread blog.

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    Whoops. Actually, this is the two-cents permalink.

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    Wow, all those linking to Reason led me to this article here. Very interesting. Well, what can I say, I’m with the Pope and St. Augustine on this one. Those ahteists/creationists/esoteric philosophers incompatibilistics are just wrong.

    Murky, you had a post on faith and darwinism on your blog, and I think this article applies to that.

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    Reason and the Libertarian party/libertarians are not the same thing, they disagree on some things, agree on others.

    That said, here are some fun links to famous L/libertarians:


    Ferret Man and Mr. Druid

    Blue Boy

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    How anyone can mentally associate those “hippies of the Right” at Reason with the Peikoff cultists is beyond me. Reason’s contributors have a wide range of views, ranging from vulgar libertarian apologists for corporate agribusiness, to quasi-leftist free-marketers like the above-mentioned Jesse Walker. Jesse’s take on intellectual property in “Copy Catfight” should be enough to demonstrate that Reason isn’t a lockstep Randroid venue.

  • Kris

    This book looks good
    i have some problem with sending comments