September 30, 2004  ·  Lessig

Bruce Ackerman has an interesting piece in the American Prospect about the oath Rumsfeld asked the civilians sworn to review the judgments reaching by the Guantanamo Bay commission: “Does each one of you swear that you will faithfully and impartially perform according to your conscience and the rules applicable to the review filed by a military commission all the duties incumbent upon you as a member of the review panel, so help you God?” “God” is central; the Constitution is forgotten. A metaphor for too much these past few years.

September 30, 2004  ·  Lessig

A group of good sorts have put together a PAC to frame and push IP-related policies. Here’s the site with the list of candidates they’re supporting. Cool if they could find some marginal sorts who have been totally obtuse about these issues to target as well.

September 30, 2004  ·  Lessig

EFF is hosting an event about e-voting. As they post:

BayFF Event – “E-voting and the Upcoming Election” on Tuesday, October 12 at 7pm: Come join EFF at the 111 Minna Gallery in downtown San Francisco to talk about e-voting and the upcoming election, as well as share food and drink and listen to live music by talented local artist Samantha. This event is free and open to the public, so be sure to invite your friends and colleagues!

More information here.

September 26, 2004  ·  Lessig


Professor Terry Fisher’s new book is the most serious, comprehensive treatment of the alternatives we face for protecting copyright in a digital age. While it’s famous for his particular solution, it is most effective when you see his solution against the background of the complete set of alternatives that he surveys.

I think this book deserves extremely serious consideration by all who think seriously about this issue. I’ve asked Terry to guest blog during the week of October 24, but I’d encourage people to look at the book before then. His publisher has permitted him to make only two chapters available freely. You can find them on his website. You can also get the book at Amazon.

September 25, 2004  ·  Lessig

So CBS thought it was appropriate to run a stupidly irrelevant story about what the President did 30 years ago. It got busted by the bloggers when it turned out that its sources were bad.

Now CBS has decided that it is inappropriate to run a story about the Iraq War so close to the election.

So let’s see what CBS believes the word “appropriate” means:

It is appropriate to run a story that has nothing to do with the President’s current ability to run the nation, and that offers nothing at all helpful or informative about policy decisions we Americans are supposed to make.

But it is inappropriate to run a story about perhaps the most important policy decision the President made, which, if people understood more, would directly affect their judgment about the President’s ability to run the nation.

Why CBS thought the guard story appropriate, I have no idea. But they could only think it inappropriate to run a real and relevant news story if it is as false and ridiculous as the guard story.

If it is a false story, then they should never run it. But if the story is true, then the failure to run it is the purest act of cowardice. Just the sort of “news” we get when the media is controlled by a few suck-up giants.

September 25, 2004  ·  Lessig


A couple months ago, I bought this cool new phone by Audiovox — the CMD8900. The speaker then quit working. I returned it to the store I had bought it at (New Wireless, 107 West Portal Ave) at the end of August. Last week, when it was still not back, I called and asked why. New Wireless informed me all Audiovox repairs take “30 to 45 days.” I found that hard to believe, so I went to the Audiovox website, and posted a question asking whether that was true. A week later, no response still.

So though I have spent over $60 for wireless service this month, I’ve had no wireless phone. And indeed, if this is Audiovox’s policy, it is a really good reason not to rely upon that company. Unless of course, your cell phone is just a toy which you don’t really need, and you don’t mind spending scores of dollars for service that you cannot use.