May 9, 2004  ·  Lessig

My wife, who, eight months ago, became the mother of this amazing boy who now says “mama,” told me the story of mothers’ day last night. Today, Mark Goldman sent around the poem that began it.

There are almost 600 American mothers who are thinking of just one loss today. Countless more elsewhere. They tell themselves about duty. Bravery. Courage. Yet I can’t begin to understand how anyone, mother or father, survives such a loss. Nor how anyone could understand it.

We are not a generation that has been raised to understand the losses of war. Not this war, not any war.

Let these mothers know peace.

  • Joseph Pietro Riolo

    Is this a veiled criticism against war or what? What
    about the mothers who had to watch their children
    being taken away, raped, tortured, or starved to death
    while Saddam Hussein was in power, thanks to our
    unforgivable inaction?

    Try to put everything in proper perspective.

    Happy Mother’s Day to all mothers.

    Joseph Pietro Riolo
    <[email protected]>

    Public domain notice: I put all of my expressions
    in this comment in the public domain.

  • Chris

    There are approx 3000 mothers grieving the loss of their children from 9/11. Remember those and the countless American mothers who’ve sustained the loss of children who have defended the freedoms you so richly enjoy today.