October 7, 2003  ·  Lessig

0.jpgWillem is a month old today. It has been an extraordinary month. I apologize for the absence, and am astonished by the kindness in the comments to my last post. Thank you.

But it’s time to restart this space.

Judge Stanley Birch provides the perfect incentive. Howard Bashman has a wonderful interview with Judge Birch, in the course of which he offers “With all respect, Eldred was wrongly decided.”

Thank you, Judge. It’s nice to be back.

  • john

    Welcome back. While you were gone, we managed to get a voting thing set up, where you can vote for a wide variety of people for governor, with or without any regard for issues, experience, or height. :)

  • http://home.uchicago.edu/~kldavis/weblog/ste.html Karl

    Welcome Back, Professor.


  • Ed Lyons

    Welcome back, Professor!

    The judges words on the importance of copyright are some of the finest I have ever seen. He was great on Eldred, also.

    Funny anecdote: My girlfriend just started a graduate course at BU in media law and when the professor asked if anyone knew anything about copyright, she exclaimed, “Free Mickey!” He smiled and said, “Who said that!?” It led to an interesting discussion of the Eldred case. To the assembled 22- and 23-year-olds, any amount of time over 70 years sure seemed “un”-limited!

    - Ed

    p.s. Nice picture of Willem! Must be that you have a great-looking wife… ;-)

  • http://www.slumdance.com/blogs/brian_flemming/ Brian Flemming

    Beautiful boy.

    Welcome back.

  • http://kathrynyu.com/ kathryn yu

    congratulations, larry.

  • Anonymous

    anyone know what people who have had trouble voting in California can do about it? for example; never receiving polling place info in the mail, showing up at polling place and being told you aren’t registered (even though you are), having to fold the provisional ballot you’re given to get it into the envelope you are told to put it into, even though the ballot clearly says ‘do not fold’ ?

    is there some state or federal office orsome advocacy group that is on point for this sort of …stupidity?

  • http://max.i.am Max

    Congratulations! Willem is adorable!

  • http://blog.qiken.org Heidi

    What an alert expression on his face! Welcome back, professor. :)

  • Jonathan

    Welcome back! Glad things have been going well, and glad to see you blogging again!

  • http://www.jzip.org/ adamsj

    It doesn’t take much kindness to coo over a beautiful baby (yeah, yeah, I know–they’re all beautiful babies. I thought so, too, till we had one).

    As for Eldred and Judge Birch, take heart! Potter Stewart saying that he blew it on Bowers helped create the climate that led first to Roemer and eventually to Lawrence. This isn’t quite that, but it ain’t chopped liver, either.

    As Bob Dylan once said, “In the final end, he won the war, after losing every battle.” Willingness to fight (and, yes, sometimes one may lose) the battles that leads to eventual victory. You and your client’s willingness to go for it, to make an expansive argument, will be justified.

  • http://www.jzip.org/ adamsj

    Um, let me make one thing perfectly clear (just in case my wife ever reads this): What I meant up there was that, having had a baby of our own, I know know that, while all babies are beautiful, some babies (like our Quincy!) are more beautiful than others.

  • Ehud

    Thank you for the reference. I was really impressed.

  • Jenny

    Willem is adorable.

    Congrats and welcome back.

  • Hag

    Glad to see you back, professor.