• Karl

    That’s priceless. It’s nice to know you can always count on the Onion to put exactly the right amount of tongue in any topic’s cheek.

    Any thoughts on this issue?


  • Fuzzy

    Don’t worry Tanzania, I hear that ZanyBrainy is going to sue TanZANIA for trademark dilution. “It it says ‘Zan’, it belongs to us!” said CEO Jan Compton.

  • http://www.farceswannamo.com David Woycechowsky

    Actually, I think the salon would have needed to use the dilution law, rather than the trademark law, in order to avoid those archaic likelihood of confusion requirements of the original Lanham Act.

  • http://www.jorge-ortiz.com/ Jorge

    You laugh, but the UN and most countries recognize the country of Macedonia as “The Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia”, because Greece disputes the use of “Hellenic names and symbols”, mainly the word “Macedonia” itself.


  • Eric Brunner-Williams


    See our proposals to form the, or an IPC, circa the Berlin meeting. Sovereign states don’t rely upon private law (trademark) for claims of right to their own name.

  • http://razvigor.blogspot.com Razvigor

    The League of Un-Copyrighted Gentry

    The really extraordinary feature of the movie The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen is that all characters come from works of art & entertainment with expired copyright, and are now in public domain.


    (It seems that, due to some sort of a new bug, Blogger does not link directly to the post at this time, so you might have to scroll a bit to read the article.)

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