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    …everyone should start filling the new Common Content registry.

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    Having come to this site via my belief in the LAW OF ATTRACTION, I just read that 2 musicians are writing some songs for Mr Holland’s Opus Foundation.

    I’ve written the lyrics to my first song and not being a musician am looking to ‘attract’ someone who would put music to my words (a ballad). I’d very much like to donate to what seems a very worthy cause.

    Anyone out there feel ‘attracted’ to a joint venture, please reply to [email protected]

    My blog which is about my Guest House in Newport, Wales as well as news, views and opportunities is http://www.breezeworld.com/GuestHouse.php Feel free to drop in. As a new blogger (and songwriter!) I’d appreciate any feedback about putting the lyrics on my blog for all to see.

    Just a bit about me. I’m a wife, mum and have (8) grandchildren, all of whom I adore. My passions are surfing the net and the Law of Attraction.