April 20, 2003  ·  Lessig

A while ago I reported the wonderfully radical testimony of Jack Valenti against the removal of the FIN-SYN rules. I have not been able to find the testimony online. Here’s a large pdf of a scan of the relevant section from the GPO’s reports.

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  • John Saxton

    What are the “FIN-SYN” rules? In TCP/IP, “FIN” is a signal to close down a TCP connection, and a “SYN” is a signal to open a new one. But why would Jack Valenti be talking about minutae of TCP/IP? I think “FIN-SYN” must refer to something else in this context, but I’m not familiar enough with the law to know what that is.

    It seems we have a “name collision” between the domains of law and code here.

  • http://rainer.blogger.de/ rainer

    I think Jhons “name collision� between the domains ” is the right view