April 26, 2003  ·  Lessig

One measure of the cost of concentration is the effect that creators say it will have. Here’s an extraordinary interview by Bill Moyers with Barry Diller. Favorite line: Moyers’ asks, doesn’t the explosion in the number of channels mean we have more diversity?

Diller: “No. Because what we have is an absolute fact that five companies control 90 percent of all of it. It has been reconstituted. Instead of it being three channels that were controlled by a few people, there are now 500 controlled by a few people.”

  • http://bopuc.levendis.com/ Boris

    Brilliant! Watching this interview last night on PBS I kept thinking to myself “Oh I hope Lawrence Lessig is watching this!”… :)

    I was on the edge of my seat and I agree with you entirely: it was extraordinary to hear Barry Diller say the things he did. Moyers himself seemed flabberghasted, and I dare say lost a few times, unable to comprehend or believe what he was witnessing, hehehe.

  • http://throw.ws/ john

    Fascinating interview, both in the content and who its coming from. The Vivendi empire is just eerily diversified/conglomerated, so surely they’ve benefitted from deregulation. This leads me to either applaud Diller for his conviction or question his motives. Either way, the message needs to be heard, and reported on by whoever will carry it.

  • crb

    Let’s make the word “oligopoly” a mainstay of our vocabularies, now that Diller has brought it out into the open. Bill Moyers couldn’t believe his ears.

    Like Nixon going to China….

  • Sean

    A transcrpt of the interview, for those who missed it, is here.