January 7, 2003  ·  Lessig

The ever-sensible (save about his ALL CAPS TENDENCIES) InstaPundit has taken some heat for his very sensible link to Virginia “a really great ‘Future‘ book” Postrel’s post about John Edwards. Glenn echoed Virginia echoing John Hood that Edwards being a trial-lawyer was not a bad thing.

But Glenn, et al., are absolutely right. Whatever people say to pollsters, Edwards will build a wealth of capital by telling the story of his clients. Say Erin Brockovich three times and then tell me Americans hate trial lawyers.

The real challenge for Edwards will be the “media filter.” “A friend” (who doesn’t want his/her name here) writes,

“Fitness for office, gravitas, experience, these things matter little to the men and women trapped on a bus covering these guys for the next two years. Being a good guy, not being a phony, they matter more to the working press. It’s hard to overstate the effect of Bush’s genial personality and Gore’s cloying, arrogant style. The worst thing you can be is a phony, in the eyes of the press. I fear that Edwards is going to be made to look like a phony.”

Forget the liberal bias of the press. Who’s writing about the frat-boy bias?