• MLJohnston

    Dear Mr Lessig,I have followed your conversation and wisdom for years. I am writing to someone whom I feel thinks in a similar fashion as I. I am very concerned (scared) about the republicans new stance about the south , confederate flags and the murders in SC. I am of course deeply disturbed( to say the least) about all the politicians that capitulated to Koch’s/billionaires/corporate fascism of the TPP. Obama and his cronies ,it seems have willingly handed over our democracy to fascism/corporatists. I continue to be extremely fearful for our country. It seems since the passage of the TPP the republican/politicians are confident our government is no longer democratic. The US Constitution will be amended to destroy voting rights and election of senators and our right to speak out and gather.
    I may sound like an extremist. I am not . I am an American who loves our democracy and I hate the way the pendulum has swung away from our American Values of helping others and towards formidable greed that destroys everything in it’s path.
    Of course the country we have become due to the greed of politicians, businesspersons, military industrial complex, incarceration industrial complex is shameful. I am doing all I can do to engage Americans in grass roots protestation to change what our own President / leaders have let our country become.
    I know there are people who care as I and I pray the grassroots community can continue to gather to effect change for the better. Thank you for listening.ML Johnston MLJohnston5209@hotmail.com

  • awjt

    Yo, Lessig. Where the fuck are you man? Get out there in front and start shilling Bernie. He’s our best bet.

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    “Citizens have a right to insist, as the price of trust in a democracy, that officials not…Cheap Taxi Horsham to Gatwick Airport

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    While the statement is true, it is not very often that you come across a citizen who insists that he/she be provided proper legal information in a democracy, when the officials decide to withhold specific information. Non disclosure of personal information opposes the ideals of a democratic free nation and directly takes away a citizen’s right to information. Fascism and corporatism seem to the approach of the government since they only cater to the wishes of corporates and billionaires. Common citizens need to exercise their rights completely when essential information is not provided by authorities. A legal approach to the problem is the way to go.

  • http://www.jeffersonadams.audio Jefferson Adams

    Citizens trusting democracy!? It appears not much has changed since my time – before the Revolution! Further to that I invite interested persons to hear my podcast: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/quest-for-liberty/id1022378681
    Made in 1765! ‘Tis remarkable.

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    Fascism and corporatism seem to the approach of the government since they only cater to the wishes of corporates and billionaires.


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