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By: scip Thu, 16 Apr 2015 04:29:00 +0000 Hello Mr. Lessig,

I have watched your lectures and read your articles and I applaud you for bringing to light the “first” issue that needs to be addressed in our system. The issue of corruption.

But, I believe your concern about campaign financing and subsequent solutions are not hacking at the root. What is your response to the following argument which I perceive to be the true root of corruption.

The root of corruption is not who is funding political campaigns or how
much they are spending. The root of the problem is that our government
has assumed the unconstitutional (illegal) authority to legislate and
pass laws that benefit the ultra wealthy / mega corporations (which is basically a definition of Fascism).

I believe the only way to end this corruption is for the
people to stand up and hold the government to the limitations set forth
in the constitution (the legal binding contract between the people and
the government). Even if your version of campaign finance reform is made law, it will
not stop corruption because as long as the lawmakers have the
“authority” to write these fascist laws then there will always be a back door
that the ultra wealthy / powerful will use to peddle their influence.

If you actually read this post, thank you! Now, how do you respond to this argument?


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