November 21, 2014  ·  Lessig  · Reblogged from  Tumblr

Year two of the NHRebellion walks happens this January. This year, there are four routes, all converging on Concord on January 21, the 5th anniversary of Citizens United.

The first begins again in Dixville Notch, on the anniversary of Aaronsw‘s death, January 11. The second begins in Keene, on January 17. The third and fourth begin in Nashua and Portsmouth on January 18. 

It is an amazing team pulling all this together. The project now lives within OpenDemocray, an organization founded by Granny D. I am eager to walk, and meet old and new friends across New Hampshire again. 

Come if you can, for a day or as long as you can. And if you can host walkers along the way, or help drive or give support, please sign up here. 

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