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    This political cartoon was intriguing to view. It makes an important statement. There needs to more emphasis on voting and more people need to get involved in the process. We elect these
    representative to create change. We cannot guarantee change if we do nothing to
    help its progression.


    How are Counties, boroughs, and townships boundaries
    decided? This is a function of
    Government and usually follows some sense of balance, neutrality and order
    either by the use of natural barrier or obstructions that are not normally
    considered changeable. The next method
    used to set boundaries is through the use of maps, grid lines, using latitude
    and longitude as a reference for an undisputed, neutral, and non-biased
    result. The surveys are normally logical
    and straight forward providing a well defined geographical area.

    So with the above being considered what are the “Voting
    Districts” all about? Most if not all of
    the voting precincts make no sense. They
    do not follow guidelines such as townships boundaries, city boundaries, or natural
    barriers, or for that matter any known form of survey method ever
    employed. As Mr. Spock would say, “they
    are illogical”. The formation of “Voting
    Districts” is called “Gerrymandering”.
    We all know the result, 51 is no longer the magic number for
    Democracy. Stuffing the ballot box may
    lose the election but it cannot take away your Freedom, only you can give up
    your freedom. Freedom is not Free.

    In their hearts and in their souls they know they cannot
    win. Freedom is not something you take
    from a bottle, or something you swallow as a pill. It is like the “will-o’-wisp”, the ethereal
    smoke from a campfire, the fog that steals across the lake, it is something we
    feel, something we know instinctively, but it is also something infuse into our
    DNA, our Soul. People cry out to be
    free, free of government, free of rules, free of responsibility. Yet we are for the most part social animals,
    we enjoy the creature comforts of others, so in coming together as a society we
    establish rules and in a Democracy those rules are set by the Majority, on the
    principle that each person has one voice within the community, not two voices,
    or a hundred voices or 10,000 voices, just one voice. In a truly Democratic Society that one voice
    translates into one vote, and collectively as a Democratic Society we have
    decided that 51 is the magic number, where a Majority decides whatever issue is
    being decided. When that magic Prime Number
    51 is reached we put aside our differences and come together as a
    society to support whatever the issue was, but now the Supreme Court has taken
    that magic Prime Number 51 and flushed it down the toilet with our basic
    Right’s. We sit passively by watching
    Freedom and Democracy, become a notation in a History Book somewhere.

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