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By: Steven Habiague Sat, 05 Jul 2014 14:50:00 +0000 I got an email from yesterday – the first time I heard about
the MayDayPac. I immediately donated, ecouraged my wife to donate and
was thrilled that someone is doing something about what I have long said
is the main problem in US politics.
I like the idea that common
sense people from both sides of the political spectrum could work
together to banish the corrosive effect of money in politics. Let’s
implement solutions on the issues upon which we can agree and use
publicly financed campaigns to determine the outcome of issues upon
which we disagree. Let’s keep in mind that it’s the UNITED States that
has the power, not the POLARIZED States that we are becoming. Our country’s power
and stature shrink every day that cheap tricks in political campaigns create a resentment that is tearing up the
fabric of our country.
Keep at it, Larry Lessig – this should be an idea whose time has come. The proposal is compelling.