• Rich Purtell

    I’ve been in the construction industry for going on 30 years and there is a good deal of corruption in this industry. Much of it at the smaller levels is due to apathy and ignorance and not due to deliberate criminal behavior. I use the “small potatoes grow” argument to assert that if we can elevate the integrity and critical thinking skills of those who are involved in smaller decisions, such behavioral changes can only “trickle up” into higher layers of government and help the anti-corruption cause. Please have a look at this. http://www.slideshare.net/RichPurtell/corruption-in-construction-31439678

  • Lab Lady

    Which 5 House districts are you looking at?

    • Aristotle384

      That has not yet been decided. Once the money is raised, Mayday plans to hire political consultants that will identify the prime targets. The whole five house seats thing is sort of the next stage of this whole process, and will begin once everything else has been taken care of.

  • Lab Lady

    I wish you the best.

  • http://www.courseworkpal.co.uk/ Frank Wilson

    Democracy is the real soul of growth and development of any nation of the world. In the democratic nation everyone has a right to live his life in his own way. Coming towards 1st May the labors are the backbone of the nation and they must be rewarded with proper wages before their sweat is dried.
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  • TANG Qing

    Dear Prof. Lessig,

    My name’s TANG Qing, a Chinese student studying at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences in Beijing. The first time I got to know you is through your speech entitled “We the People, and the Republic we must reclaim”, which is very inspiring. I recommended your speech to all my classmates and friends. Then I found your book Repulic, Lost online, and couldn’t stop reading it till early the morning. Last time that I stayed up late was because of Alvin Toffler’s Power Shift. Once again, I recommended your book to all my classmates and friends. Unfortunately, some of my friends have problem understanding English pretty well. A friend asked me for the Chinese version and was sorry that I had found noun. I managed to translate part of your book, which you cited George Thayer’s description about the Golden Age Boodle and the following paragraph, for my friends and realized the necessity of a Chinese version. If there is really none, would you consider having it translated and published in China? A friend of mine, also a classmate, works at the China Social Sciences Press, a publishing house affiliated to CASS. How to make democracy works is not a problem of the United States only, it is one we all need to pounder and react to.

  • Delano Purscell

    We at the Committee To Reform Congress wish you the best of luck!. Getting the right folks elected is a wondrous approach … and then … there will be the long haul between 2014 and 2016 during which time legislators will be bending over for billionaires, as is their usual practice. We offer free communication tools to help underrepresented constituents easily write letters to their own legislators. I am old (80 today) and overdue for a rest. I propose you think about adopting some of our approach as well … and … if you want, We would donate, our website, our corporation, non-profit tax status (C=4) and our small bank account.

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