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By: Nick Crane Tue, 29 Oct 2013 09:44:52 +0000 Dear Mr Lessig

I have only yesterday had a similar experience while trying to get Apple to address an issue that they introduced and has subsequently left me with a product that is unusable. On recently upgrading my ipad 3 to ios7 my ipad will no longer power up. I have taken the device to my local Apple store and as my ipad is unable to power up they are unable to run any diagnostics on the device to see what is wrong with it. The only assistance they were willing to offer was to try and sell me another ipad.

It is time this business model is challenged formally. Would you consider fronting a ‘crowded sourced’ civil action lawsuit. I have only ever used the product in the manner it was meant and upgraded the operating system inline with what Apple have suggested. Following this guidance has left me with a product that is unusable and a company unwilling to address the issue that they introduced.

Best regards

Nick Crane