July 31, 2013  ·  Lessig  · Reblogged from  Tumblr

It happens, sometimes,
that things are too much.

Stacks overflow.
Trusses break.

I get that.

What I don’t get is:
how one barrels through.
Where does that strength come from?
How is it fed?

And if it doesn’t appear on command,
how does one hold on, waiting?

Everything is collapsing.
By definition, that means:
nothing remains to be held.


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    that things are too much.

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  • anon

    You just do, because you know that there is no other choice.

    This is all what we make of it, and if second chances do come it’s likely none of us will be around to take them anyway.

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    Great poem

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    Ahh, I know this poem ;)
    The first time I read was long time ago!

  • Katharyn

    I’m in one of those times in life, waiting. It is so helpful to have the question that lives inside come to me from outside. In seeing it, it normalizes it, and it makes it less …fatal:
    “And if it doesn’t appear on command,
    how does one hold on, waiting?”

    This requires such a personal answer which we have to develop ourselves. For me, the things that keep me waiting: curiosity, a dog (most of all!), a friend.

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    I like this one “nothing remains to be held”

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  • http://www.amoswhitehaiku.com Amos

    We barrel through with the strength of hope- the belief that the distance will close between here now and in tomorrow, the idea of what the future can be. In time, everything changes. However most often find ourselves the principal agent of change to affect our own reality and its desired outcome. An idea, a dream, a plan, support of others or just from ourselves. We do not wait idly by, we devote ourselves to work towards that unseen goal until it becomes our reality. It is our believe that we will have “that” new tomorrow which is the source of the well from which we draw upon for our strength.

  • pat

    What can we hold onto while we wait for our strength to emerge?
    The mountains and trees are fountains of energy
    When depleted
    and waiting
    and alone . . .
    I tap into the energy leaking from the roots of great trees
    and the energy rising from mountains in the distance
    Drawing energy up
    Pulling energy in
    I fill up
    and give thanks for feeling renewed.
    Ready to ride the storms
    and barrel through more trouble.

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    “And if it doesn’t appear on command,
    how does one hold on, waiting?”

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