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What a sane court would do: pick an issue that it turns out needs re-argument, and carry the case over until the fall, when it can be decided after an election.

  • http://www.opencursus.be Wouter Vanden Hove

    when I look at the list, I can hardly find any non-American petitioners.
    I signed the petition, although I’m not an American Citizen. Because I feel nationality is not an issue here, and because US Copyright-law spreads itself through intensive lobbying , through the WIPO, through trade agreements to all parts of the world.

    But from the reactions I get, many people feel relucant to sign this petition “because I’m not an American”. I have absolutely no idea how many people feel like this, but I think there are many. Maybe they are right, and is this petition in only aimed to US-Citizens.

    Maybe the wording of the petition could be made more clearer for non-US-citizens. Are they too invited to sign? Yes or No? I think “yes”, but many feel “no”.

  • Brian Saxberg

    I’m not sure what Timezone lunch is in but in the last few minutes after I signed it, the petition has almost doubled. I was number 1176. Glad to see this is getting good attention.

  • Mickey

    I signed the petition too!

    2161. Mickey Mouse

  • Richard Molpus

    I haven’t read the text of the Public Domain enhancement act, but it should have a limitations that _only_ the existing registered Copyright owner, or a direct decendant ( heir ) can pay the dollar; else a market for “Copyright Squatting” will form, similar to the Internet Address Squatters.

    Conde’ Nast or AOL Time Warner could ( possibly ) snag thousands of ‘dormant’ copyrights by putting a few researches to work, and then shelling out the relative few dollars.

    Perhaps a limitation that only a ‘Natural’ person can use this? No corporations, Partnetships, or Business need try?

  • http://www.strangersmeetme.com janice martel

    its such a waste of time picking an issue that cannot finish before election..but reading an article that interest you well make more fun and meet new Strangers along the way can have a new adventure

    • sam sam