March 1, 2012  ·  Lessig

The standard line of the political pundits is that Americans don’t care about the corruption of their government. That the issue doesn’t, as I was lectured by panelists on a Dan Rather show, “move any votes.”

I don’t buy it. Rasmussen consistently ranks “corruption” among the handful of “very important issues.” And if there is one thing the Tea Party and Occupy Wall Street should agree upon, it is this issue.

But it is true that we’ve not done enough to make visible the support for an Anti-Corruption Movement. And given the candidates we’re likely to see in the 2012 presidential race, I’m not betting that they’re going to help us any time soon.

So today we’re launching a project to make the corruption issue more visible. We’re joining an international anti-corruption movement (though of course the corruption we suffer is quite different from most across the world), by enabling citizens to commit to the fight against the corrupting influence of money here.

At (or or, we ask citizens to take a pledge to do whatever they can to end the corrupting influence of money in our government. You can simply make that pledge, or add to it the specifics you support. We then ask you to help us recruit candidates and incumbents to take the same pledge. When they do it, they can specify precisely which reforms they would support. Finally, we ask everyone to help us with this volunteer project. Built first by some dedicated pro-reform hackers, it has been launched by Rootstrikers. But Rootstrikers will give up control over this site once a community gets going on the wiki that supports it. 

So please, #TakeThePledge. And spread it far.