November 27, 2011  ·  Lessig

Thanks for your call, which I am sorry I was not able to accept. But after many too many contributions to candidates for Congress, I have adopted an absolute rule: 

I will not consider making a contribution to your campaign for Congress unless you commit absolutely and prominently to support reforms to end the corrupting influence of money in Congress.

“Absolutely and prominently” means this is the thrust of your campaign: One of the first things you mention, the issue you come back to again and again, and the issue you use to explain every other issue. Buddy Roemer is the best example of this. If you’re Roemer-like, then I will consider contributing to your campaign. 

That is a necessary condition. It isn’t sufficient. I don’t have a great deal of personal wealth. But if you can certify you qualify as a #rootstriker, I am happy to consider contributing, whether you’re a Republican or Democrat, and happy to share that fact with others. 

Good luck with the campaign. The institution you seek to serve within was the crown jewel of our Framers. It has since been badly tarnished. I hope you can commit to restoring it.