• http://www.socialsecuritybullshit.com Steve Baba

    check, I am usine Microsoft IE and that Widget is gone after how many months.

    Only watched 3.5 minutes of video, but you want a more entertaining video, of not one, but two Harvard lawyers screwing up this week (I won’t give the ending away but they are in trouble) because of overconfidence and limited ability outside of law, watch this week’s Amazing Race.

    Too bad people like Nader and Lessig are not only screwing up a TV show, but the political system with their amateurism.

  • http://xmlhacker.com/ M. David Peterson

    @Steve Baba:

    Do you /ever/ have anything positive to say? My guess is that you’re probably one of the nicest guys anyone has ever met in person. But that potential fact is so non-obvious when I read through your comments it’s almost as if you’re in denial.

    Do you need a hug? ;-)

  • http://adam.blinkinblogs.net/ Adam Blinkinsop

    Is your presentation available? The constant switching between the presentation and you is throwing me off — there’s even at least one point where the presentation is necessary for comprehension and they’re not displaying it.

    Kind of annoying. Great talk, as always, though. :)

  • http://www.socialsecuritybullshit.com Steve Baba

    Something about Harvard Law grads talking on subjects, leading the youth of the nation astray, just puts me in a bad mood.

    Just had to listen to neocon David Frum on NPR, another Harvard law school grad, pontificate on a subject, economics, he knows nothing about. It’s not enough he helped botch a war. Mad Money’s Jim Crammer is another Harvard law school grad, who maybe learned to yell and insult like Lessig at school.

    Here is something nice, Web 2.0 makes it easier to point out arguments of lawyers sprouting nonsense out of their area. On the other hand, the web also makes it easier to propagandize.

    But the beauty of Lessig’s utopian Web amateur argument is that he can’t ask me or anyone to leave and keep his openness world view.

  • http://www.socialsecuritybullshit.com Steve Baba

    “Do you need a hug? ;-)”

    It occured to me that Lessig and other utopians may have been overhugged.

    But I am not an expert, or even that good, on early childhood, so I would not want to be like 99% of other amateurs online and speculate if it’s good to hug, overhug, not to hug…….spare the rod……

  • Jose_X

    Steve Baba, could you be more specific about the Amazing Race incident. I am curious but don’t follow that.

  • http://schestowitz.com Roy Schestowitz


    Thanks for another thought-provoking talk.

  • Rick

    @Lessig & Peterson:

    Seems like a good blog to throw this under…..

    Have you considered attaching a forum to the site? [Peterson says, "OMG!!" :)]
    There may well be an opportunity to gain much insight from the interactive dialogue of a forum that isn’t quite possible in the “blog/comment” format that currently seems to be the dominant model. The concept has worked exceedingly well in the FOSS community. It’s arguable that Linux wouldn’t have come as far as it has without the support forums providing the tech support and cross-talk that builds and organizes a world-wide community around the effort.
    Lessig might recognize in the spirit of Remix that good ideas can come from anywhere; keeping the interactive channels open is essential. The blog/comment model may be too limited to adequately serve the progressive movement right now.


  • http://www.socialsecuritybullshit.com Steve Baba

    Short Amazing Race recap, without spoiler, that I copied from another site (used as a visual reference) and transfromed slightly:

    On paper, Tammy and Victor are one of the smartest teams (the two Harvard law grads) we’ve had on the race, and yet they made a huge blunder by aimlessly climbing a mountain while following the wrong markers. Victor simply refused to listen to Tammy. He’ll have to change his approach pretty quickly if they want to stay in this race

  • http://www.intellectualterrorism.net/ normalityrelief

    Excellent talk & discussion!