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    I’ve posted my summary of and response to the discussion at http://www.vitia.org/wordpress/2009/02/27/nypl-lecture-remix-part-1/, and of course will correct any mistakes I made in my note-taking.

    My biggest question comes in response to the declaration that we must “deregulate the remix”: I immediately ask, really? In a time when we’re seeing, in every aspect of the economy, the grievous perils of deregulation? I mean, I agree — yes, very much so — but what if we imagine the opposite case? What if we play the doubting game, and imagine that the RIAA and MPAA have valid complaints, that the apocalypse of intellectual property is coming like a mortgage meltdown: who suffers, and how? If we’re wrong in espousing these ideals, who’s our Bernie Madoff, and whose are the suicides we’re implicitly responsible for when it all goes to hell?

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