• Rick

    OK, I can buy into the circumstance. No way Baba will.
    I wonder if anyone will be there who isn’t MPAA, RIAA, or Homeland Security?

  • http://www.jaaduhai.com/blog adnan.

    hmmm… could they not have had a photo in which you were… posing more? =)

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  • http://www.socialsecuritybullshit.com Steve Baba

    Too bad the Fairey art likely has the AP’s digital watermark in it.

    The future should be that artists in the future remix public domain or legal work and credit who they remix.

  • http://www.socialsecuritybullshit.com Steve Baba

    oh and I did go to one Lessig talk at the Press Club in DC last year,
    mainly to see and talk to the sort of people who show up since could watch online.
    It was the liberal “elite” of DC. I would have said hi to Lessig, but the line of people talking to him after talk was too long.

  • http://sethf.com/ Seth Finkelstein

    @Steve Baba – Umm, what sort of crowd do you think is going to show up to hear a lawyer talk about his book on copyright policy? Joe The Plumber? Boyz In Da Hood? Dittoheads?
    That seems a silly talk-radio style complaint.

  • Rikard Linde

    Wow, sounds like a great event. Is there any chance that there will be video of the event available online?


  • http://www.socialsecuritybullshit.com Steve Baba

    Seth – Lessig’s talk at the Press Club last year was to kick off his Change Congress reform movement – which should have attracted reformers of all types (even McCain did Campain finance reform) but Lessig has not got it that he can’t be both judge and jury, umpire and fan, or partisan and reformer.

  • http://labs.nypl.org Josh Greenberg

    @Rikard Linde – Yep, we’ll have audio and video up on NYPL’s site, as well as YouTube and iTunesU, hopefully within a handful of days after the event.

  • http://www.socialsecuritybullshit.com Steve Baba

    Twenty-Five Dollars? You guys in NYC have it bad. In DC almost everything is free, paid for by whatever group. There are even many literal free lunches, but all I got at Lessig’s Press Club speech was a couple of sodas.

  • Rikard Linde

    @Josh Greenberg
    Fabulous, glad to see that libraries can help over the borders:)

  • Paul Charles Leddy

    Sold OUT, yo!

  • http://flickr.com/photos/shandrew/ Andrew S

    Throw some credit to Benjamin’s The Work of Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction :)

  • http://www.vitia.org/ Mike

    I’ve posted my recap of and response to the talk.


    I’d be grateful for any corrections, and I’d be curious to hear what others thought.

  • AmyA

    NYPL video is available here.

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