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1. Jesus Jäveln etc = sham socialism and then the consequences of the science, etc. (equivalents to other doctrines and beliefs)
Bluff = energy or black hole
2. Nonsocialist block = merge. S over 60 years. After ww2 disappeared developed personalities (more earlier). Conformism spread (brain study shows similarity in the brain = conformism contagious). Monkeys imitate each other. Better in the past = personality (genius that even Ivar Lo Johansson partly celebrated).
3. I would just have a simple life (like my personal philosophy of life and developed religion and attitude to life = compare it with the example read the history of religion or something similar). Several themes in the western culture.
4. They do not run social institutions (s whose födokrokar = their pockets as it is the Devil’s dictionary). Citizens said here? The police will of course protect the poor
5. Closed-end computer systems = access and those who do not. Better culture was engaged in its science
6. I do not believe in democracy. Vote for 2-3 statsministrar (most developed in the community = General of combat and international investment experience, CEO of high profits, a scientist who had very empiri and technology
7. Jude bastards = Marx (hell to learn and the evil that generated = ulvideologi), Freud (ban = non neurological correct), Einstein (Lorentz invariants, transformation geometry) to the psychology specifically (Epstein, etc.)