• Klas

    A good point I saw mentioned on another blog today was that if you look at how much bad and unrepresentative decisions can cost, then public funding is probably nothing in compairson. It has other problems though – how to make it fair, political parties not too independant on their supporters, and how to make it so that the system isn’t misused to conserve the present power relations.

  • http://blog.germuska.com Joe Germuska

    May I suggest that you post transcripts alongside these videos? You must start from a script; it would make web indexing better; it would make it easier to include an excerpt with a delicious.com bookmark; it might be nice to read more quickly than the seven minutes that the video requires…

    Regardless, thank you for your efforts!

  • Mark Engelberg

    I was sad to see today that this proposal didn’t make it to the final list. Now what? Are there any further steps that can be taken to make this idea a reality?