• Jardinero1

    How does one know that it has an authentic CC license? What if it’s a bootleg copy? What if I distribute it and they have actually retained all their exclusive rights under US and Japanese copyright law.

  • T.G.

    Prof. Lessig,

    Hi. Excellent Newsweek article on Obama and Change.

    You should know that I am going start the movement for you to be the U.S. Attorney General in Obama’s second term/

    Unless Holder does not get confirmed, then I say you should be in their now.

    There’s no escaping the Long Arm of Lessig’s Law!

    Someone contact Barry!

  • smick

    You know, I have one problem with this video. At the end, I REALLY wanted them to pass the camera, one on either side of it as they walked by it. That way the last thing would be their handholding pass over the lens. But instead they both went to one side. Hmm, Joi, you might want to reshoot that.

  • Nikki Massaro Kauffman

    @TG: Obama’s CTO spot is still unanounced. Perhaps we can some real change from that spot!