December 10, 2008  ·  Lessig

I’m working on a presentation that could really use a Simpsons-esque like section. I emailed Matt Groening, but he didn’t respond (no, I didn’t really email Matt Groening). Anyway, if any of you are the next Matt Groening, and want to work on a short cartoon segment for a global warming/corruption related preso (all to be ccFree), email me at lessig at pobox dot com? It wouldn’t be long, and it is easy to describe. Thanks in advance.

Update: Thanks for the responses so far. Two important clarifications — I don’t actually need a cartoon that looks like the Simpsons. I mean only something that could be used in the wonderfully ambiguous way that the Simpsons is used to be serious and not in the same spin. Also, the critical thing here is animation — I need an animated cartoon to make the point I’m trying to make. Thanks again.

  • Suits

    There was some cartoon called capt planet. It was more of an action series however i would say you base it off futarama because they are able to look back and say look we messed up. and show how bad they did.

  • bryan

    In the presentation Al Gore gives when talking about the environment he actually uses a Futurama clip that does a fantastic job at not only explaining global warming but also points to trouble that politicians have in dealing with / covering up the matter.

    It’s from the episode: Crimes of the hot

    Maybe Matt would let you use some of it.


  • Jett Atwood


    I’d love to take a crack at what you’re proposing. I’m a freelance animator and your project sounds like a lot of fun.

    Let’s chat!

  • Jett

    Greetings! I’m a freelance animator and I think I’d be a good fit for what you need. Take a look at my website and let’s chat! Your project sounds like a ton of fun and I’d love to work on it.

  • burnt offerings

    can you offer any sort of parameters on this cartoon? i’m teaching myself animation and film editing at home, so i’d rather not take up your time… but i would love to participate. if it’s short and easy to describe, why not just post a description and see what turns up? you might be able to make another entire presentation based off misfit cartoons you got soliciting the online community for work.

  • Travis

    i agree with @burnt offerings in that you should post a description — both b/c i’m seasoned video editor currently enhancing my own animation skills/don’t wanna waste your time & b/c a video assembling each of the submissions would not only be entertaining to look at, but could also shine light on the growing Remix opportunities being presented on web & what it all means.

    Here is one:
    maybe youve heard, but HBO’s Flight of the Conchords is having a Lip Dub Fansterpiece encouraging fans to upload a performance of them lip-synching to one of their songs —

    My God, someone should write a book about this, but what would it be called? Hmmm, Reblend! perfect

  • Anders Otte

    You could also post a wanted email to
    it is a newssite for the Blender 3D modeler and raytracer with
    a very vibrant user community of graphics oriented people.

    And there even is a job portal –
    That might also be worth a try.

    Just my twopence worth….

    Anders Otte