November 29, 2008  ·  Lessig


Jamie Boyle’s fantastic new book is out. And he has beat me in getting it out with a CC license (soon, not soon enough, but soon). Download it for free here. Buy copies for all your friends (and 5 of your enemies) here.

And congratulations to Jamie. It was Boyle’s first book more than any work of scholarship that got me into this movement. It it wonderful to see the godfather return to print.

  • Nikio

    Wonderful idea. I downloaded the book and I’m already reading it. ;) Thanks for the link.

    PS: Dr. Lessig; it might not be too late to publish a pdf of your books. I would be really happy if this happens.

  • Ben Tremblay

    For the sake of completeness: that’s how I was affected when I came across John Willinsky’s work on OpenAccess (UBC) in ’03; his “Increasing the Public Value of Social Science Research” coupled with Jurgen Habermas on “discourse ethics” was just what I needed for my synthesis.


  • helper

    Nikio: Professor Lessig’s books are available for pdf download — all except the latest, which apparently will be made available later. See the links at the top where the books are advertised.

  • Jardinero1

    As an alternative, I would recommend the following short monograph, “Against Intellectual Property”, by Stephan Kinsella.

    Stephan Kinsella is a practicing patent attorney and libertarian author. Kinsella provides an entirely fresh, non-standard framework to view intellectual property.

  • steveballmer

    … Already read it, pretty good up to the point where the main character gets disemboweled!

    oops …. sorry.

  • Nikio

    Thanks helper. I’m already dl-ing it ;)

  • Willian Galdino

    I´m reading it! Into the point!
    The return of godfather?

  • David S. ( @seemsArtless )

    Thanks for the pointer, but does anyone know if there is an eBook reader version out there? ( I know, I could take the HTML and convert it, but I’d rather not re-invent sliced bread if someone else already did. )

  • Jamie Boyle

    Congratulations to Jamie Boyle on his new book. I look forward to reading it.

    Thanks for sharing!


    Jamie Boyle ( not the author) :)