• http://xmlhacker.com/ M. David Peterson

    Woohoo!!! Congratulations, Professor Lessig!

  • john

    where’s the free PDF?

  • jonst

    Personally, I am deeply suspect of the “bomb thrower” caricaturization Mr Crovitz employs. Though he may claim it is all in good fun. Regardless of his motives, and those of the WSJ editor who selected this review– I don’t know the people involved— the term tends to put you ‘outside the mainstream’. This is always a difficult position to be in when dealing with legal issues, and a profession like the law, which worships, and venerates the alleged “mainstream’. To say nothing of the WSJ readers who worship the same thing. This seems to me to be a gratuitous burden to have inflicted on one. It is an uphill battle as is. And a vicious one.

  • no

    re: john
    “Creative Commons Version
    The book will be available under a Creative Commons license from Bloomsbury Academic. Stay tuned for launch.”

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    where’s the free pdf?