October 16, 2008  ·  Lessig

As reported in Politico, Grover Norquist has joined the Open Debate Coalition.

“I’m happy to join the Open Debate Coalition in calling for dismantling the Commission or fundamentally reforming it so it is accountable to one constituency only: the public.”

This now is the unavoidable goal: “dismantling the Commission.” The most astonishing thing about this process has been the totally non-responsive “Commission on Presidential Debates.” I could get top people from both campaigns to respond almost immediately to the requests we made. But the Executive Director of the Commission, Janet Brown, didn’t have time for even the courtesy of a response to an email.

Enough of that, and enough of them. Join us now in a call that the Commission formally release the debates to the public. Either ping the Executive Director or sign-up at OpenDebateCoalition.org. Join us later to help remake this Commission.

  • http://sethf.com/ Seth Finkelstein

    [ Impassioned dissent dumped - I'm playing out of my league, and I'll only hurt my life. Sometimes the dragon wins :-( ]

  • anon

    This makes me wonder whether Mr. Norquist is contemplating a desire to have a third party — a new Republican party, rebranded and distanced from the excesses of the Bush administration — participate in the debates, over the objections of the remainder of the current Republican party leadership.

  • James

    Um… Wow. Lessig and Norquist can agree on some principles here?

    I must say, I had the distinct pleasure of watching the second presidential debate at a theater in San Francisco, and nobody got louder ‘boos’ than the folks who led the Commission on Presidential “Debates.” Truly, these are a farce (both in their restrictive two-party nature, and in their approach to “questioning” the candidates).