Comments on: help design REMIX, the site? Blog, news, books Thu, 12 Oct 2017 08:56:00 +0000 hourly 1 By: Henry Braun Mon, 15 Sep 2008 16:25:01 +0000 Well I think, you have done well. It can be beautiful by changing some colors. Just apply different colors and see how does it look. Design is fine.

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Henry Braun

By: Sam Greenfield Sun, 14 Sep 2008 13:03:41 +0000 Please don’t get me wrong–I was not attempting to “troll.” I have nothing but respect for Professor Lessig’s work, especially his extensive litigation record and the work he has chosen to do for free or low-cost. I think he has done a lot of good in the United States, and I believe that he will continue to do so. For example, Creative Commons licenses will have a permanent and positive effect on how we view and use creative works. I’ve also discussed and promoted his ideas with any number of publishing professionals that I have worked with. (I have worked directly with professional photographers, writers, designers, and editors for the past twelve years.)

If Professor Lessig has not worked with a professional designer before, he may be pleasantly surprised by their rates. While it would be cost than “free,” it would also mean directly acknowledging the work, creativity, education, and experience required to design a good, easy-to-navigate, and usable website. Not only does a well-designed website lead to more traffic, but also it can also directly translate to sales in the real world.

For what it’s worth, there have been large debates about content producers working for free. AIGA, a professional design organization, prepared this standard letter regarding “spec” work and discussing “free” work: RGD Ontario published a guide to pro bono work for designers: (Incidentally, neither reference should be taken as an endorsement of all of AIGA’s or RGD’s positions.)

By: Marisa Thu, 11 Sep 2008 11:28:39 +0000 I’d volunteer to help, but I reckon you’ve found one for the job.
Looking forward to reading your book!

By: Matthew Rimmer Thu, 11 Sep 2008 09:40:03 +0000 Speaking of remix culture, there has been much discussion about the resignation
of Gilberto Gil, Minister for Culture in Brazil. There is a thoughtful piece in Open Democracy about the end of this era: There is a somewhat factual account from the BBC:

Gilberto is quoted as saying: “Digital culture is a new concept. It comes from the idea that the digital technology revolution is cultural in its essence. What is at stake here is that the use of digital technology change behaviours. The plain use of the Internet and of free software creates fantastic possibilities to democratise access to information and to knowledge, to maximise the potential of cultural goods and services, to amplify the values that form our common scripts, and therefore, our culture, and also to prime cultural production, generating new forms of art.”

In light of such sentiments, I think that it would be useful if the book “Remix Culture” was accompanied by its own online gallery, as it were – an encyclopedia of remix culture, a transformative lexicon of representative works of digital culture, covering fan fiction, appropriation art, musical samples and mash-ups, and remixable films.

By: Jason Kiesel Thu, 11 Sep 2008 03:30:46 +0000 “Volunteer” means just that – providing your time/service free of charge. Paying a designer doesn’t help someone who’d like the site done for free. I don’t think Lessig will have problems finding someone to do this for him. :)

Jason Kiesel
Founder & CEO

By: M. David Peterson Wed, 10 Sep 2008 12:02:16 +0000 >> and what you are asking for is real work.

You mean “real work” like the kind of work Professor Lessig put into writing both this and /all/ of his other Free Culture-focused titles of the past? Yeah, you’re right… That is /real/ work. The kind of /real/ work that inspires people to freely give of themselves in response to having freely been given to.

Here’s a hint, Sam: You’re trolling isn’t welcome, nor will it work. Please take it elsewhere.

By: Sam Greenfield Tue, 09 Sep 2008 22:30:07 +0000 Have you thought about posting on CraigsList and offering to pay a designer? Designers generally have reasonable rates, and what you are asking for is real work.