August 1, 2008  ·  Lessig

On the blog, I’ve got a piece about the absurdity in this prosecution of Senator Ted Stevens:

On Tuesday, Senator Ted Stevens was indicted by federal prosecutors for failing to report gifts he had received from an oil company to help him renovate his Alaskan home. The charges were not a surprise, though official Washington mustered its collective, and requisite outrage. Senators Dole and Sununu were quick to return campaign contributions from the now-tainted Stevens. Editorials across the nation were quick to condemn the obvious graft targeted by the government.

But I confess, I don’t get it. Not that I don’t see the wrong in what Stevens has done. That’s obvious. What’s not obvious to me is why this wrong is so different from everything else that DC thinks is right.

Read more, there.

  • SC

    I think you’d enjoy this video of Ted Steven’s conversation caught on FBI wiretap:

  • Frank

    I don’t think this will ever change. Until the end of time ALL politicians and the like will be crooks and not fit to serve there duties. Although I do enjoy seeing Stevens go down due to his greed.

    Frank P.