August 4, 2008  ·  Lessig

I posted the last post thanking Theo Armour for his html version of A Declaration for Independence just before getting on the plane in Tokyo. When I arrived back in the states, I received two revisions of his revision.

The first, by Ben Kerney, corrects some character encoding problems, and places the text is a clearer outline frame.

The second, by Matthew Levine, also corrects the character encoding problem, and very nicely fits the typography of the pdf version.

Both version also cleaned up a problem with the notes. But upon my return, I found another version from Theo Armour fixing the problem with the notes. (I’ve replaced the original version in the original post with this version as well).

Ok, so first, thank you to all for the help. But now let’s move the revisions to the wiki. I have used a simple html2wiki conversion tool to create a draft on The wiki’s spam filter choked on the notes, so the first major fix would be a fix for the notes. But then I’m eager to see how the substance develops.

The link on the wiki is

Meanwhile, I’ll probably build a v2.0 of this Declaration, building on the ideas of the wiki and other ideas I’ve collection. But for now, thank you again to everyone who helped seed this for the web.

Update: Here also is a LaTeX version. (Thanks, Valentin!)